Why Guru

Our modern fast paced, media influenced culture has shifted our focus from organic and natural interests to materialistic pleasures and desires.  We have lost our true identities to the latest fashion and diet regime, most popular advice column, most happening pastimes, highest paying job, etc. and as a result have become the unfortunate minions of a Corrupt Corporate Culture.  Our indulgence in hedonistic and materialistic pleasures have brought us further from the Mind Body Soul trilogy the latest fad has us running to.

Yoga is an up and coming pastime that almost everyone is trying to schedule in their calendars.  Why is it becoming so popular? People have heard about the health benefits, it is a low impact yet full body workout, and it is suitable for any and all body types.  So yoga is good for the body, but so is going to the gym; aren’t we attracted to yoga because of its spiritual connotation? Yoga is meant to synchronize the body and the mind to connect you with God by clearing your mind of distractions and thoughts, focusing on pranayam (breathing), and methodically practicing the asanas. Daily sessions that you have rashly scheduled in your lunch hour negate the real fruits of yoga.

Meditation is often coupled with yoga, and like yoga it is often stuck in a timeframe that does not allow derivation of its real benefits. Meditation is a tool used to still the mind. Again it is becoming a more well known and popular trend as it denotes so much more than just sitting in lotus pose for x number of minutes.  Many of us know the benefits of meditation and hence practice it, however many of us practice it because it is the next fad. At a more advanced stage meditation includes a mantra which is a repetition of a chant or hymn that is used as a means for prayer.

So we practice yoga and meditation, sometimes under false pretenses and sometimes for the wrong reasons. It is not meant as a 30 minute session to distress ourselves for the 30 minutes, but it is meant as a way of life to distress our lives.

Yoga is meant to ease the body, meditation is meant to ease the mind; what about the third element in our trilogy: the Soul? When yoga and meditation are exercised in a manner that produces real results in meaningful ways then your soul is automatically fed.  Practicing for material reasons [lose weight, it looks cool etc.] will not produce intended results and thus your exercise of the mind, body, soul trilogy remains incomplete.

Yoga is designed to bring us closer to God; and actually the yoga that we all know that incorporates different poses is only a miniscule part of Raja yoga, and is only one subcomponent of Asthanga: the eight disciplines that are used to purify the body.

What if I told you there was a more effortless way to complete the trilogy? Focusing on the soul can eliminate the nuances of finding time in our day to do yoga or to sit in a quiet corner.  By exercising faith and belief in all that we do will feed our Soul. It is really that simple.

GURU- G You Are You™ is here to show you that you don’t need a teacher, priest, therapist or whatever else we use in our culture as a medium to unite with ourselves or God. Some of us go to see a therapist on order to work on our emotional issues that we feel is disrupting our life; talking and getting advice about our problems always helps, but we need to change our own perceptions in order to change our feelings and thoughts.  Some of us go to a life coach because we think they have the solution to make us happier; talking and getting advice always helps, but in order to change aspects of our lives we need to change our thoughts and actions.  Some of us seek a guru or a priest as a means to get closer to God, but everyone has a part of the Godly spirit within them. So we seek 3rd parties only to get closer to ourselves.

If we go to the gym, practice yogic postures, play sports with concentration and mindfulness it can produce the effects of Yoga in our trilogy. If we practice any hobby such as writing, guitar playing or singing with concentration, sincerity, and mindfulness it can produce the effects of meditation in our trilogy. With the right thoughts, intentions, and mindset we can attain health and spiritual benefits we once thought and are told can only be attained by yoga and meditation.

GURU is made to show that YOU are the ultimate changer, doer, and healer in your life.  It is helpful to have a third party (a therapist, a healer, a teacher, a coach, a trainer etc.) to help show us the way, but it is us who take ourselves to the highest peak.  We have been taught that we need x person to take us to the next level, and it has been so hammered Into us by media and culture that now it is self taught: we alone are not adequate.

So now it is time to understand, embrace, and empower ourselves to rescind all the energy we have given to others and heal, enhance, energize, and purify ourselves. So I invite you to take inspiration from me, from others and find your life’s power source and reclaim ownership of your life!