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Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

I was poor student of science so when I first was introduced to the concept of Quantum Physics I held my breath and refused to swallow. However, several weeks ago I read up on the theory and was able to wrap my head around it within minutes. So this is what I have deduced it to:

1) It is a branch of physics that deals with the nano- smallest of the smaller- particles. It’s implications on the nature of reality are broken into two theories:

  • This theory states that nothing can be quantified definitively because of observer bias. According to this theory Quantum scientists believe that nothing really can have an accurate objective measurement. Example given: the cat experiment

    i. a cat was put in a box {there is no dispute the cat is alive}
    ii. a box of poison is put in the box
    iii. if the cat claws and opens the box, it is dead. If it does not, it is alive
    iv. the cat is alive and dead at this point, it is in both states
    v. only when the scientist opens the box does the can live or die

  • The 2nd theory states that when an action occurs the universe splits itself, accommodating all possibilities. Example given: gunshot experiment

    i. a gun is randomly loaded
    ii. a man plays Russian roulette with himself
    iii. when the trigger is pulled, two universes are created: one in which he dies and one in which he remains alive
    iv. again the trigger is pulled and again the universe further splits
    v. so on and so forth

Based on my brief reading on Quantum Physics there is a larger belief in theory a, however theory b is picking up some momentum.

A] I was introduced to Quantum Physics as it relates to the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts are electrical impulses that are created in the brain. These electrical impulses create an energy, effecting our attitude, behavior, and perceptions. As with any impulse, movement is created that attracts or repels like charged elements. So, if an object is and is not in existence before our thought energy creates a decision as to its existence to US, our thought energy should be formed in such a way that is optimal to us.

In essence then, we create our reality. If the reality in which we have no money, and the reality in which we have money both exist then our thoughts determine which reality we will encounter.

So if we replace our complaints, whines, and negative affirmations with positive, healthy, helpful affirmations we will help create a reality we want.

B] Déjà vu?