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Mind, body, and Spirit


“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

This message discusses the trinity which connects us to the spirit realm.  The human body (body), the conscious part of the body (mind), and the part of us that stays in the spirit realm (spirit) are the three aspects of this existence that work jointly to provide us the experiences we have on earth.

All animate and inanimate objects are made up of matter and is surrounded by an energy field created by this matter. All objects are constantly in motion, constantly evolving; and through this evolution all changes and experiences remain part of the matter’s memory. Each physical Being is designed with specific properties suited to its role on Earth, whether it has feathers, fur or a specific chemical make-up.

It is now known that human emotions and mental trauma and stress are causes of disease and illness in the body.  Even thought about a trauma or fear can be as damaging as physically experiencing that fear.  All thoughts create an energy- love, peace, joy and the like are positive thoughts produce a more lite, fluid, and revitalizing energy whereas fear, hate, anger, and the like create negativity which produces darker and heavier energy.  Positive energy moves through matter with ease while negative energy clumps and creates dis-ease.

These energies form an aura; the energy field around you. Dark areas in the auric field is this negative energy and manifests itself as pain or unease in the body.  We rarely apy aattention to these energies and the signs of distress that they cause until it is too late.  However miracles do take place as cured diseases, healed bones, or dissolved tumors; this is usually due to prayer, meditation, or the like.

Walking on water at sunset

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

This goes to show that love and positive thoughts can undo the damage caused by negative ones.


Thoughts are centered in the mind and are causal in manifesting realities of the body.  The mind is a computer; it does not judge; once you decide to have a feeling or thought it sends out the signals to the body that correspond with that thought.

If you think “I am sick and tired of this!” Your body will reciprocate to the signals of the thoughts and feelings and start to feel sick and tired. When you consciously monitor your thoughts, words, actions and empower them with your e-motions (energy in motion) your creative power is unparalleled.


“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

The spirit is that part of us which never leaves the spirit realm. We maintain the connection to this higher self vis a vis intuition, but this is largely ignored. Although there is ample help available to solve and help us through our problems, there must be a specific request for the help for one of the characteristics of this world is that of free will and an imposition on our free will is not the norm no matter how much we dream or want it.