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When the World becomes a More Inviting Place

Knock. knock. The world wants to play with you

Knock. knock. The world wants to play with you

All of us have been annoyed with the proceedings of our lives, at one point or another.  Some more than others, but we all feel like helpless victims at some point.  We are slaves of karma, servants to our children, and robots in a commercialized culture; sometimes we just want to break free and do what we want when we want.  When I was in law school there was a shirt that I used to wear very frequently because it was comfortable. One day while I was waiting for class to begin, I read the outside tag of the shirt; it said ‘Do what you like and like what you do.’ I was thrilled at reading this, for two reasons: I practice this philosophy and I was wearing/ showcasing this enlightening slogan, which made me cool by default.   This eloquent yet simple phrase is a philosophy to live by; we spend 75% of our lives working, and if we actually enjoy what we do rather than working to meet an ends, we will find ourselves in a much happier

People who are passionate about what they do everyday have less of a chance to greet the morning in a grumpy state.  If you enjoy what you do, where you go, and what you are working on your body and mind will have less of a reason to be negative.  When I went to work I would wake every morning enthused.  My mind didn’t find excuses to delay going to work such as oversleeping or a phantom ache.  Of course work comes with stress and other issues that can create negativity, but enjoying what you do means not forcing your mind and body to be in a place it doesn’t want to. As children we make a face and mope when told to do something we do not want to: our bodies will lag and our minds will start searching for excuses. As adults, we understand responsibilities, so feel compelled to force our minds and bodies, but our bodies still start to lag (ulcers and other disorders) and our mind tries to find excuses (making unintentional mistakes).

Why do children seem to be in a happier state than adults? Yes, they have their parents to worry and take tension for them; but more it’s than that.  Children are not bound by the responsibilities and restrictions adult learn to adopt. Children do what they want regardless of etiquette or consequences.  For example I wanted to watch a movie that would’ve ended at 1 AM the other night but weighed the cost and immediately reconsidered; had a child wanted to watch that same movie they would have regardless of the repercussions i.e. late for school, less sleep and would have dealt with them as they came. I ended up regretting not watching the movie the next day. If we do something we enjoy, we can save the extra energy our bodies and minds use to engage in tasks that they do not want to.

This way to a more delightful journey

This way to a more delightful journey

Finding a profession that we are passionate about is not an easy task. After all, we don’t learn passion, we emote passion. In this culture, the ultimate aim is a higher paycheck, not the simple feel good job.  However, every job can elicit some passion if we can change our perspective:

  • Instead of complaining about the hours, responsibilities, coworkers, etc. take a more active role and try owning some aspect of your responsibility; bring your initiative, creativity, and think of ways to enhance whatever it is that you do
  • If you think it is a practice run for the promotion, you will shine harder.
  • Every job is a learning experience; somewhere, somehow we pick up a few tricks of the trade
  • It is our prescribed duty and we will be graded on how dutifully it is carried out.

So go into work with a smile instead of a frown.  Don’t go in with anticipations and expectations. Change your perspective and let the prospects change for you.


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  • Jack leo

    Although to change habits is difficult to me, I think it is easier to try to modify them if we have a roadmap or guidelines like these.. Thank you for share!

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