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Mind, body, and Spirit


“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

This message discusses the trinity which connects us to the spirit realm.  The human body (body), the conscious part of the body (mind), and the part of us that stays in the spirit realm (spirit) are the three aspects of this existence that work jointly to provide us the experiences we have on earth.

All animate and inanimate objects are made up of matter and is surrounded by an energy field created by this matter. All objects are constantly in motion, constantly evolving; and through this evolution all changes and experiences remain part of the matter’s memory. Each physical Being is designed with specific properties suited to its role on Earth, whether it has feathers, fur or a specific chemical make-up.

It is now known that human emotions and mental trauma and stress are causes of disease and illness in the body.  Even thought about a trauma or fear can be as damaging as physically experiencing that fear.  All thoughts create an energy- love, peace, joy and the like are positive thoughts produce a more lite, fluid, and revitalizing energy whereas fear, hate, anger, and the like create negativity which produces darker and heavier energy.  Positive energy moves through matter with ease while negative energy clumps and creates dis-ease.

These energies form an aura; the energy field around you. Dark areas in the auric field is this negative energy and manifests itself as pain or unease in the body.  We rarely apy aattention to these energies and the signs of distress that they cause until it is too late.  However miracles do take place as cured diseases, healed bones, or dissolved tumors; this is usually due to prayer, meditation, or the like.

Walking on water at sunset

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

This goes to show that love and positive thoughts can undo the damage caused by negative ones.


Thoughts are centered in the mind and are causal in manifesting realities of the body.  The mind is a computer; it does not judge; once you decide to have a feeling or thought it sends out the signals to the body that correspond with that thought.

If you think “I am sick and tired of this!” Your body will reciprocate to the signals of the thoughts and feelings and start to feel sick and tired. When you consciously monitor your thoughts, words, actions and empower them with your e-motions (energy in motion) your creative power is unparalleled.


“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

The spirit is that part of us which never leaves the spirit realm. We maintain the connection to this higher self vis a vis intuition, but this is largely ignored. Although there is ample help available to solve and help us through our problems, there must be a specific request for the help for one of the characteristics of this world is that of free will and an imposition on our free will is not the norm no matter how much we dream or want it.


New Beginnnings


This message contain a meditation.  This meditation forces the doer to visualize a desired new experience.

Our souls chose to be part of this world with all of its uncertainty and negativity.  We have chosen the role we are now playing.  Many of us after gaining an understanding of this end are continuously spiritually evolving, but despite this awareness hardships are difficult and sometimes unbearable.

So this message invites you to experience through meditation a different and more desirable experience.


Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.

The goal of this exercise is to break through the wall of fear and judgement that we have created.  . No one walks the same path; there are myriads of opportunities and ways to overcome fears and to experience joy. The only things limiting you are your beliefs, judgments and fears. You can overcome anything and live a life of mirth and joy!


As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.






This second Mayan message talks about the duality of this universe vis a vie karma.

This universe was created to allow for free will, the expression of which allows us to experience the good and the bad. In our universe where there is up, there is down; where there is cold, there is also hot and where there is light, there is dark.

Spirit guides, such as the Day Keepers help all people alike: the accuser, the accused, the victim, and the perpetrator.  Spirit guides guide the individual to achieve what they want, to achieve joy. As stated in the previous message, judgments are not made, only aid is given to fulfill the experience wished. Although no judgments are made on our actions, there is a “Review Process’ in the next realm that will enlighten us with the affects others endured due to our interactions with them.  So in effect, we will experience the consequences of all our actions.

Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts, words and emotions. Be mindful of your actions and reactions. The first step in any healing process is to be aware there is a problem. The next step is to find solutions to those problems. You have everything within yourself to create a balanced and centered life.


In the beginning

In the beginning

In the beginning

This first Mayan message serves as an introduction to the Mayan messages and explains how we came to be and how the Universe came to be.

Our spirits came into this world with basic knowledge of the experiences we would have; however the construct of free will made the difficulty and complexity of these circumstances unforeseeable. We directed our own existence, and with the help of Spirit guides and friends we began our journey here.

A simple version of the creation of this world can be found in the book the Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, but a brief description is as follows.

In the beginning of our Universe there was Oneness; all energies simply existed without form, definition, infinitely, and blissfully.  When there was a desire for Separation, Sparklets of light left the Spirit Realm to convert themselves into physical matter. Each of these Sparklets had memory from where it came and understood this existence was only temporary.  At this time there was no individuality, but as this Universe grew further away from the original Source, the desire to create different Dimensions with different experiences grew. Each Dimension had unique aspects and laws to govern how they would operate.  At this point memories of the original Source was still prevalent and that this is only any ephemeral experience was still intact. However, many universes later our universe was created which was decided to have the inhabitants encounter experiences that are farthest from the Source and to wipe all memory of this Source. This universe is meant for the more adventurous souls who are left to find their own way back to the Source.

Each world has a different set of experiences, and although civilizations on other worlds and planets face similar circumstances it remains noteworthy that Earth civilization continues to exist despite the darkness and destruction it faces. Due to humans’ need to control and manipulate things to their advantage, humans have not only caused damage to themselves but to Earth also.  This is due to the amnesiac effect.

Those who dare not to enter the Earth realm are in awe of those souls that do enter and find their way back.

We all chose our current experiences, but due to the nuances of free will and the amnesiac effect the circumstances we face are a bit problematic.  We have the luxury to choose our experiences, and due to our amnesia we get caught up in the possession and control of these experiences; however we all have the ability to awaken and rediscover our spirit- essence.

As a race, we are starting to look within, harness our spiritual power, and make conscious decisions; this is making our collective consciousness more aware of our Higher Self the part of us that remains in the spirit realm.  We are realizing that the life we want to experience comes from ourselves.  When we experience anything, this information is sent back to the Source. No matter how far from Love we go, there is no judgment; this is simply an experience.

It is no coincidence that we are on planet Earth today. There is a huge line of souls wanting to incarnate. Among the multitude we were chosen for our special talents, because we were one of the original creators, to clean up some of our previous messes or to ride the ultimate rollercoaster. We are accompanied by at least one spirit guide when we incarnate into this world in addition to the many spirits who assist people like us on our journey; the Mayan Day Keepers are such helpers.

So go forth this day as a newborn, observing all with wonder and without judgment!

*Note that the phrases highlighted are the uplifting and philosophical messages I extracted from the original message.