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The cure you Possess


Have you ever heard that the bodily organs have the ability to regenerate? Every organ in our body is made up of tissue and tissues are made up of cells. Most of us have heard of apoptosis- cell death; and the malfunction of this process promotes cancer, but on the flip side almost every cell in the human body reproduces and forms new cells and then becomes obsolete and dies off4 Apoptosis is crucial for the regulation and maintenance of systems within our body. The cells of every tissue in every organ have different life cycle duration’s, some having a lifespan of minutes others of years.  So while regeneration of entire organs might not be possible, change is not out of the question.

Each cell contains a memory and this memory is passed on from each parent cell to their daughter cells. The cell memory tells the cell how to operate and as in humans if memory changes, behavior will change. While genetic  material within a cell may not readily change, its environmental influences can change altering the output of the cell. Over a period of time if a cell continuously receives a different input its output will be altered accordingly.  So if a cells output or structure changes even slightly it can create a snowball effect. If you provide enough stimulus  (exercise, thoughts, medicines, etc.) to a cell that acts to change functioning (alters to the structure of the chemical made, modifications to the amount of time it takes for the cell to generate its output, etc.) slowly the tissue will change and on and on. The changes are endless!3

Okay, enough of the science aspect let’s get to the lesson we all can get our arms around.  If we can change ourselves on an atomic level then why do our diseases/ disabilities keep pervading? The answer is because we do not provide enough change.  Changing is hard work; it requires dedication and persistence. 5 Depression, like most diseases, may have a genetic component, but also is largely influenced by environmental factors.  These environmental stimulants change us on an atomical level and our bodies react and produce a chemical imbalance.   We treat depression through medication, changing thoughts and behaviors, or with social interaction which affects us on an atomical level and can alter the inhibition or exhibition of the chemical in question.

Every disease has mental and physical consequences. Dementia, alzheimer’s, depression, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease all have physical as well as mental effects regardless of whether it is classified as one or the other; our physical being affects our mental state and vice versa.  If we want a change in one we necessarily have to bring a change in the other.  Our bodies are made to help us thrive, but even with this as the set parameter the stimulants we provide to ourselves negates this intention.  IT being said the reason it is so hard to overcome a chronic mental or physical condition is because it requires change and our bodies nor minds agree with change very quickly. Treating depression entails changing a fundamental thought pattern, treating multiple sclerosis entails changing the programming of the immune system, treating a spinal cord injury entails changing and reteaching muscle movements; so while almost all impairments are treatable the change required is for treatment is seen as impossible and thus coined untreatable.

The change every disability demands for treatment begins with our thoughts.  The power in our thoughts is immeasurable.  Whether the suffering is mental or physical it can be alterered by a change in the thought process.  Stuck in a wheelchair and believing you will never be able to walk and complaining about the quality of your life is fundamentally different and will provide a different outcome than believing your situation will improve and enjoying life as it is. 2 I am living proof of this, when I am positive and think healing and functional thoughts I am more balanced, but when I am negative and think damaging and destructive thoughts my balance grows worse.  When I am positive I am motivated to do exercise and try things to improve my balance, but when I am negative my physical strength drains and cooridinateed movements become harder.

My body and your body has everything it needs to heal, except we prevent the body from doing what it needs to with inconsistency.  Constantly thinking positive thoughts is exhausting but its effects are immense.  Recently I was reading a book called You are the Placebo which detailed different experiments in which control groups were compared to two experimental groups one who was given a placebo and the other that was given medication.  The results and other case studies found in this book are quite astounding demonstrating the power of our thoughts.

Next time you are ill and are in the blues or wake up on the wrong side of the bed, try just changing one negative thought into a positive one and see not only the automation of positivity, but the healing power you possess.


Newton’s law of karma: Hinduism’s law of motion

who knew Dominos was a game of Karma?

who knew Dominos was a game of Karma?

Science has explained that when any object exerts a force, it is met with an equal and opposite force.  The collision of these two forces result in a movement.  The study of this movement is largely carried out by physicists, most notable of whom gave us our 3rd law of motion: for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.  The application of this law extends beyond observable actions, such as a fish swimming in water, but affects our thoughts and has an implication in reincarnation.

The notion of reincarnation assumes that each life is a progression of the soul and the Law of Karma is the equalizer of that notion.  Like Newton’s law, the Law of Karma is a law produced by cause and effect. Actions we perform initiate reactions from other people, nature, or from ourselves. Reactions can be observed within minutes, days, years, or lifetimes.  Once we initiate an action, it is recorded in our ‘karmic bank account’ and considering the intent and outcome associated with our action, we receive either good or bad karma.

A boy jumping on the ground is a movement resulting from his jumping force; this force, coupled with the force the ground exerts to push him up results in his movement upwards; this is the law of motion. Intention is a major factor when assessing the karmic value of an action. Him jumping into the middle of the street to save a child is entirely different from him jumping over a fence to get away from the police.

People say that karma is ‘a bitch’. Yes. She is the bitch that bites back, but why? Because we make it so.   It is the man himself who prompts his suffering; every act, word, and thought has a rippling effect; it is this rippling effect that produces karma. So the cause(us) creates the effect (the outcome) and the outcome (the effect of the initial action) acts upon the initial cause (us.) Let me give you an example: when I was in law school I had a professor who after grading one of my first assignments predicted that I would fail out of her class and made other hurtful remarks. Several months later she was diagnosed with cancer.  Thus, she (cause) was rude and inappropriate which (effect) made myself and others doubt our own abilities.  Then she received a diagnosis of cancer (effect) which produced the same anguish and doubt (cause) for her. I’m not certain if this was a genetic limbo or the karmic hand, but I do know she will ‘reap what she has sowed.’

Every time we think, speak, or act we create an observable or unobservable effect.  We unleash an energy into the universe and that same energy finds its way back to us in some form; hence the saying we reap what we sow.  Sourced from the Bhagvad Gita, past Karma predetermines four main aspects of our lives: our birth family, our income level, our education level, and our physical appearance. Just these four factors have a very strong influence on our lives, and then, in addition, we struggle with karmic reactions daily. Although Karma does not eradicate free will, the Vedic texts do tell us that ‘actions are guided by the Law of Karma and free will is very limited.’

Hinduism believes that all souls are eternal and are stuck in this vicious cycle of rebirth: samsara.  Every life is not only a progression of our soul, but is determined by past karmas; good karma elicits good fortune while bad karma results in misery and misfortune.  Although this is far from the complete understanding of Karma, I am not here to preach or promote Hinduism; I am here to heighten the awareness of YOUR soul and internal power. So act consciously because the love, hate, manipulation, or compassion you give to others is what you will get back; in this life or the next.

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A coincidence


Why did YOU bump into me HERE and NOW?

What a coincidence!” We proclaim that all the time, but is it just happenstance or is there a reason for it? Starting from childhood we encounter and use the concept of coincidence often. What is coincidence? Is it two events that take place randomly and in unison, but seem unlikely to have a propensity to collide in time.

But what really is the probability of a coincidental occurrence? And how often do coincidences really happen? It doesn’t add up, what we term as coincidences occur far more often than mathematically logical.

I think a brilliant portrayal of the likelihood and definition of a coincidence can be found in the poem Design by Robert Frost. This poem details three subjects in nature and their coincidental collision. Or is it coincidental?

I found a dimpled spider, fat and white,
On a white heal-all, holding up a moth
Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth –
Assorted characters of death and blight
Mixed ready to begin the morning right,
Like the ingredients of a witches’ broth –
A snow-drop spider, a flower like a froth,
And dead wings carried like a paper kite.

What had that flower to do with being white,
The wayside blue and innocent heal-all?
What brought the kindred spider to that height,
Then steered the white moth thither in the night?
What but design of darkness to appall?–
If design govern in a thing so small.//

Everything has a design; everything has a purpose; everything and everyone is always accounted for in the circle of life. Every person we encounter, everywhere we go, and every major crossroads in life has a meaning, has a purpose. When I came back from Hyderabad I had lost all hope; why was it then that Bhagvad Gita classes were offered in my complex? Why at the very moment I decided not to continue to follow and have faith in the therapist who brought me to Hyderabad, I met a lady who introduced me to a manifestation of God that I could have faith in. I was introduced to the concept of Quantum Physics almost a decade ago and despite repeated head butts with this concept I refused to understand it, but several weeks ago I read about and understood the concept. Why? Because I was ready to; it is not a coincidence I found relevant a topic that I was introduced to a decade ago. What is the likelihood that these events occurred my life at these particular times by chance?

Just yesterday I had a meeting with someone who had a certain agenda in mind and out of the blue we started talking about spirituality. What we spoke about, the recourses he introduced to me: is it only coincidental or did I meet that particular person at a certain time in my life when I was ready to hear his message?


Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

I was poor student of science so when I first was introduced to the concept of Quantum Physics I held my breath and refused to swallow. However, several weeks ago I read up on the theory and was able to wrap my head around it within minutes. So this is what I have deduced it to:

1) It is a branch of physics that deals with the nano- smallest of the smaller- particles. It’s implications on the nature of reality are broken into two theories:

  • This theory states that nothing can be quantified definitively because of observer bias. According to this theory Quantum scientists believe that nothing really can have an accurate objective measurement. Example given: the cat experiment

    i. a cat was put in a box {there is no dispute the cat is alive}
    ii. a box of poison is put in the box
    iii. if the cat claws and opens the box, it is dead. If it does not, it is alive
    iv. the cat is alive and dead at this point, it is in both states
    v. only when the scientist opens the box does the can live or die

  • The 2nd theory states that when an action occurs the universe splits itself, accommodating all possibilities. Example given: gunshot experiment

    i. a gun is randomly loaded
    ii. a man plays Russian roulette with himself
    iii. when the trigger is pulled, two universes are created: one in which he dies and one in which he remains alive
    iv. again the trigger is pulled and again the universe further splits
    v. so on and so forth

Based on my brief reading on Quantum Physics there is a larger belief in theory a, however theory b is picking up some momentum.

A] I was introduced to Quantum Physics as it relates to the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts are electrical impulses that are created in the brain. These electrical impulses create an energy, effecting our attitude, behavior, and perceptions. As with any impulse, movement is created that attracts or repels like charged elements. So, if an object is and is not in existence before our thought energy creates a decision as to its existence to US, our thought energy should be formed in such a way that is optimal to us.

In essence then, we create our reality. If the reality in which we have no money, and the reality in which we have money both exist then our thoughts determine which reality we will encounter.

So if we replace our complaints, whines, and negative affirmations with positive, healthy, helpful affirmations we will help create a reality we want.

B] Déjà vu?